History of Berkeley Water and Sanitation District

October 31, 1960

An Order for Publication and Service of Notification was filed with the District Court for the 17th Judicial District of Adams County in regards to the organization of Berkeley Water and Sanitation District in Adams County, Colorado.  Petitions signed by over one hundred of the taxpaying electors of the proposed District were presented and filed in support of an election to form the District.

December 6, 1960

A civil suit was filed in the Adams County District Court against the formation of the District by North Washington Water and Sanitation District. Proponents of the District were represented by Aldo G. Notariami. The Petitioners were represented by Mr. McDougal for North Washington Water and Sanitation District and Mr. Thompson, Arvada city attorney, for various other parties. The judge ruled the case be heard at a later date. Property owners who wished not to be included in the District were also a part of the suit and they were represented by George Lerg and George Graber. The Civil Action stated that Harold Z. Mac Gibbon, Frank S. Beasley, E.H. Abbott, Edwin F. Messing, Elvera B. Messing, Herman A. Haese, Jr., Louis D. Burnside, V.A. Vassine were sworn in and testified.

December 9, 1960

An Order Calling for Election on Organization was filed in the 17th Judicial District.Tracts and parcels of land were defined to form the boundaries of the District.
In the Order, it called for a question, regarding the organization of the proposed District, be submitted to the taxpaying electors of the District at an election held at
Berkeley Gardens Elementary, 5301 Lowell Boulevard, on Tuesday, January 10, 1961, between the hours of 2 to 7 pm. At the election, electors were asked to select five taxpayingelectors of the District who had filed a nomination petition with the Court at least 10 days prior to the election. The election judges for this election were Mary Yurko, Phylis Hinton, and Ruth Wynn.

February 9, 1961

The first  Board president for Berkeley Water and Sanitation was Nicholas Polit. Other members of the Board included George Poland, Francis McGinn, Cyral Walsh, and Gertrude Schafer.

An Order and Decree was filed in the District Court of Adams County, that the District was duly and regularly organized and would thereafter be know as Berkeley Water and Sanitation District.  It was further ordered that the District would thereafter be a governmental subdivision of the State of Colorado and a body corporate with all the powers of a public or quasimunicipal corporation.

December 14, 1961

An Order Approving Stipulation and Agreement between Berkeley Water and Sanitation and the North Lincoln Sanitation District was approved. Boundaries for each district were defined and agreed upon. A Stipulation and Agreement was also filed in the 17th Judicial Court regarding the agreement between Berkeley Water and Sanitation and North Lincoln Sanitation District. The acting lawyer for Berkeley was William Pehr.

March 22, 1962

Berkeley entered in to an agreement with the City and County of Denver, Distributor's Contract 176, to provide water to its residents. In the agreement, Denver stated they could, at their discretion, limit the amount of water they provided to us in case of emergency. Berkeley, as the Distributor, was to own and control certain pipes and other devices for distributing water or be in a position to secure authority and acquire the necessary pipes and devices to do so. In addition, there was a provision written in to the agreement to address what would happen to the District if the City and County of Denver ever annexed the District.

May 29, 1962

A map defining the Berkeley Water and Sanitation District was sent by the Board of Water Commissioners to Berkeley outlining the service area described in the Distributor's Contract.

February 12, 1964

A resolution was signed by the Berkeley Board of Directors which authorized the District to enter in to an agreement designated as the "Sewage Treatment and Disposal Agreement". This agreement allowed for directing the levey of general (Ad Valorem) taxes for the payment of the monetary obligations of the District.

March 8, 1965

An amendment was made to increase the size of the District to include the West Half of the Northwest Quarter of Section 16, Township 3 South, Range 68 West of the Sixth Principal Meridian, County of Adams.

November 28, 1967

An amendment was made to the Distributor's Contract whereby 2.39 acres of Mary Crest was excluded from the Berkeley area because the City and County of Denver had previously annexed it. According to the amendment, this left the District with a total of 1,959.63 acres to service.

November 14, 1979

A resolution was signed between the Berkeley Water and Sanitation District and Crestview Water and Sanitation District altering the service area in each District.