Capital Improvement Projects


Vortex has one remaining capital improvement to install in the 1st quarter of 2022. They will be installing a pressure reducing valve near 54th and Lowell. This will allow Denver Water to create a pressure zone because a pressure reducing valve is installed near 54th and Tennyson which allows them to maintain the pressure in the water main loop between the two pressure reducing valves.

Berkeley's Board also approved capital improvement funds to repair a sewer main near 54th and Sheridan which produces alot of groundwater infiltration. The Board has awarded Insituform a contract to install cured in place pipe to repair the sewer main and stop the infiltration. Staff will continue to look for sewer mains in poor condition and will refer to the Board for any action.


Berkeley's Board approved the remaining capital improvement projects in accordance to the agreement between Denver Water and Berkeley to become a Total Service with Improvement District. A Notice to Bidders was placed in the Westminster Window on October 1 and October 8, 2020. Vortex was awarded the bid and began the project in 2021.


There were no capital improvements done in 2020.


There were no capital improvements done in 2019.


In order to become a Total Service with Improvement District under Denver Water, Berkeley must complete water capital improvements in 2018. Once a schedule has been established, we will inform you of how you may be impacted by the construction.


There are no scheduled capital improvements for 2017.


There are no scheduled capital improvements for 2016.


Berkeley's Board established capital improvements needs at their Board meeting in February 2015. One improvement is a pressure reducing valve on Tennyson Avenue near 54th Street. Berkeley has also been working with Hyland Hills Parks and Recreation and has an agreement with them to put in a 12" line looping it from Tennyson Street to Lowell Boulevard. This will improve the water quality and pressure. A bid document was placed in the Daily Journal and Westminster Window in their May 7, 14, and 21st editions for the PRV in Tennyson, to upgrade a section of pipe in Tennyson from 8" to 12", one point repair, and six full linings. All sealed bids were received by Martin/Martin on June 8th. The Board will have 60 days to determine which contractor will be awarded the project.